Saturday, June 6, 2009

"Turkish Urn with Oranges" Step Three Demo

Step Three: "Turkish Urn with Oranges", 22x26, oil on Belgian Linen

Again, more paint, more refinement going on. I'm continuing to concentrate on edges, paint quality, my original concept. With each little refinement, however, something needs to change, improve. You can see the patina of the urn becoming more developed and therefore I'm making decisions about just how to best place it into the surrounding space. I've done two things, in repainting the background. I've restated the background colour and also added a darker value to the left side of the urn and resolved the value of the area surrounding the ochre vase. I've also painted the leaves somewhat and at this stage wanted them to be seen as part of the design but not necessarily take over the painting on the left side, detracting from the flow. Everthing is refined a little bit more, including the grapes and the table top - both at the back edge and the lower portion. I'm still not sure at this point how the bottom portion of the table will resolve itself. I've kept it painted very simply in order not to'close myself in' with too much paint, meaning limiting my options. The biggest impact is in painting the miniature china cup which just seems to illuminate the scene...this was my hope so I'm happy about that. This also allowed me to put the burners to the other colour, such as the oranges.

On to Step Four....

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