Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hand Bound Sketch Books - A Gift for that special artist

Hand Bound Sketch Books by Trevor Gieske
Show and Sale, Saturday, June 27th, 10am - 5pm
The Ant Hill, 148 - 10th Street N.W.
Calgary, AB

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting a young, self described 'budding, self-taught artist who was born and raised in Calgary" by the name of Trevor Gieske.

Trevor makes hand bound sketch books, often collaborating with another artist in his thoughtful creations. He showed me a beautifully crafted journal he'd made for a Calgary illustrator. On the cover was a stunning illustration by the artist who'd commissioned Trevor to make the journal for her. It contained rag papers that any artist would long to make their mark on. This journal was artfully bound by hand, by Trevor. It was truly remarkable and breathtaking.

I asked Trevor to send me some photos of his books so that I could post them here to show you. This book in the photo is 8"x10" with acrylic painted masonite panels for the cover which conceals 130lb, 25% cotton sheets that have a toothy, rough vellum surface suitable for a variety of mediums. Makes my fingers twitch just thinking about it.

I couldn't help but be impressed with the sensitivity and enthusiasm in which Trevor approaches his art of bookmaking. And the notion that he is keeping a lost art alive wasn't lost on me, either. What occurred to me is that Trevor quite possibly has created the one and only perfect gift for the artist!

A journal that is a work of art in itself, just waiting for inspiration to fill its pages.

If you'd like to see Trevor's work, be sure to stop by his show on Saturday June 27th. Or if you happen to miss it, but would like to special order a journal for yourself or for that special artist in your life, you can email Trevor at trevorgieske@gmail.com

Check out my workshop in the post below! More information to follow soon...

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