Friday, November 28, 2014

2015 Workshop News

"Work-in-Progress", 16x12, oil on linen/panel

This unfinished painting of the lovely model, "Amanda",  was started from life at life painting session at my friend's studio and then worked on later in my studio, from photos. It's a long way from completion,  but I do like the unfinished state, too.  It's a lovely memory of the day.

The angle of the model's head - chin up and facing - proved to be a difficult angle in which to tackle a model.  At the time, from life, it was interesting and managable, even exciting, but when I went back to the painting much later and looked at the photos, there wasn't much to work from.  Particularly because the model was lit from several different angles; studio windows as well as a direct light set-up, which didn't translate as well from the photo.

Oh, but this is all part of the thrill of painting the model, whether it be from life or later, from a photo!  Always challenging, invigorating and there's nothing in the world quite as delightful. 


I'm very excited about my new workshop schedule for 2015.

I think there is something for everyone - still-life/floral, figurative, portraiture - from life and a photo - something for the intermediate/advanced student to the absolute beginner.

I'm building on this schedule so you can look ahead to spring, which happily brings with it, plein air -urban street scenes, landscapes ... and possibly a model in the landscape?

As many of you know, I like to keep things SIMPLE ... and this is the theme of my workshops. 

Each subject, whether it be a flower or a nose, is merely an abstract vehicle in which to make brushstrokes and apply paint.  In this way, each of my workshops allows you to build on knowledge from a previous one. 

"A Painter paints objects; An Artist paints paint" - David A. Leffel

We're gonna paint paint!

I hope you'll visit my website for more information about my workshops.  Click this link  to read more about them.  I will be adding to them, so please check back often.

Click these links for registration at either Calgary School of Art or Cochrane Arts Central.