Thursday, December 6, 2007

"Art Student At The Pantheon I" - completed painting

Oil on linen, 12x14
The sun finally peaked through the cloudy skies today and allowed me to photograph this painting for you. We've been experiencing unseasonally cold weather recently, as well as less sun. I am blessed to live in a very sunny part of the world so I was very happy to welcome this light back into my gloomy studio. I've also been working on a companion piece to this one and will hopefully be able to post it soon. Please read the posting below for an explanation of these inspiring art students at the Pantheon in Rome.

Working under the natural north lights in my studio, I am really affected by the overcast periods. But, it's a great time to do other things in my studio. This week, I managed to prepare several sized canvases. A number of canvases were done on my usual Fredrik "Kent" linen, which I give a 3rd coat of Williamsburg oil primer to, and several more were made on Utrecht 74D raw linen which I've just applied rabbit skin glue to. You can see a demonstration of the preparation of raw linen on my demonstration blog, Dunlop Demonstrations
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To view these paintings close up, just click on them and they will enlarge.....enjoy! and thanks for visiting.