Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"Student At The Pantheon' - work in progress

Detail 'Student At The Pantheon' - work in progress
Oil on linen, 12x14 - work in progress

The Pantheon is referred to as the glory of Rome, and its magestic beauty is no less than breathtaking. Some of Italy's most famous kings and artists are buried at the Pantheon, most notably Raphael. I was taken with the collection of art students, focused intently on their sketchbooks, both inside and out. I love to watch people and the young students were particularly irresistable to me. This painting is one of several from that experience. This smaller painting is a work in progress....almost done. Detail above....
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Monday, November 5, 2007

'Apple Delight'

Detail - 'Apple Delight'
Oil on linen, 10x14
Such a simple subject but incredibly irresistable to sculpt with paint. Who would imagine that these two little mac apples would be able to carry a painting with such grace and beauty. And what a joy it was to paint them. This is a subject I will turn to again, I have no doubt.