Thursday, August 18, 2016

"Pink Azaleas"

"Pink Azaleas"
oil on linen on panel, 4.75 x 6 inches by Bobbi Dunlop

These lovely little Azaleas were painted alla prima (all in one go)  from life in my studio.  Capturing the delicacy and  freshness of a floral in paint can be challenging for the artist but it is so enjoyable and so worth the effort.

This painting  is an odd size (4.75 x 6 inches), somewhat postcard in size.  If you're new to collecting or you want to add to your collection, I can't think of a better way to bring artwork into your home for your enjoyment and pleasure.  Framed and in a grouping, these paintings really are quite irresistable.

I hope you'll visit Bluerock Gallery in Black Diamond, AB to view the other little paintings in my collection.

Thanks for visiting!

Friday, August 12, 2016

"Sunnyside Stroll"

"Sunnyside Stroll"
Oil on Panel, 8x6 inches

Every Saturday morning, a group of artist friends meet at our local Sunnyside Art Supply store for a day of plein air painting.   Loaded down with paints and canvases, we eagerly set out on foot to explore the lovely historic neighbourhood of Sunnyside.

Painting en plein air is a French phrase which literally means, "in the open air". Heading out of your studio with your gear to paint the elements is challenging, to say the least, and not every painting is successful. This practice goes back centuries and it's a wonderful way for artists to paint nature from life and also enjoy the camaraderie of friends at the same time.

For the landscape painter, these little paintings might serve as studies for larger paintings back in the studio.  Perhaps painted in milder weather and developed in larger more complex paintings in the colder months of the year. Plein air paintings have become hugely popular with collectors who appreciate the freshness of these works that capture a moment in time in such a simple way.

For me, painting en plein air is a wonderful way to get out of my studio and enjoy painting at its finest ... I was happy with this little painting done at a spot I've painted numerous times with friends.  I hope you like it!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

"Sombrero Ride"

"Sombrero Ride"
Oil on Panel, 6x8 inches by Bobbi Dunlop

I've been invited to teach several oil painting workshops in beautiful Mexico in the next year at Casa Buena Art Retreat. I'm so looking forward to this experience and in order to get in the Mexico painting groove, I thought I'd paint a few of the gorgeous subjects from the area.  

Artist, Jane Romanishko, owner/operator of Casa Buena Art Retreats generously shared her beautiful photo references with me to paint from.  

You can read more about my Casa Buena Art Workshop by clicking on the Featured Post in the sidebar... or visit Casa Buena Art Retreats for further details. 

 This little gem is available to buy at Bluerock Gallery in Black Diamnd, AB.

 I hope you'll join me in Mexico!