Saturday, June 6, 2009

"Turkish Urn with Oranges" - Step Four Demo

Step Four: "Turkish Urn with Oranges", 22x26, oil on Belgian Linen

In this photo, once again, you can see the refinement in all the areas. I like to work all over the canvas as this allows me to see my concept coming together as a whole. It also allows me to see when my ideas are not working and changes need to be made. In addition, I am also often able to see the opportunities which present themselves which will make the painting more beautiful. I love it when this happens! Many years as a watercolourist tuned me in to this philosophy. As all artists who work in this medium know, watercolour is often done by the seat of one's pants. It's a medium in which many accidents are beautiful things! In turn, with oil painting, it's important to be not only open to these possibilities but also on the lookout for them.
I have painted the little medicine bottle on the righthand side, as well as the leaves and the grapes. You can see the grapes on the left hand side now, as well as the greenery behind them. I've also resolved the bottom table edge issue, it would appear.

On to Step Five...

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