Saturday, June 6, 2009

"Turkish Urn with Oranges" - Step Seven Demo - Completed Painting

Step Seven: Completed Painting

"Turkish Urn with Oranges", 22x26, oil on Belgian Linen


Here is the completed painting, "Turkish Urn with Oranges". You can see in this photo that I have, indeed, set the table edge back somewhat and I am happy with this change. There is also more push and pull to finish this painting to my satisfaction.

I'd like to point out, however, that this final photo was taken by professional photographer, Geoff Williams, who has become a genuine friend. I have bragged about him in previous posts, but the photograph he has taken of this painting speaks volumes about his talent as a photographer.

I hope that you have enjoyed this demonstration. I hope to have more for you in the near future.

Just to remind you, you can click on each of the images here and this will give you a full screen, up close view of the painting (something all artists love to do with art!). I might caution you, though, use the 'back' button on your browser to return to the blog.

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