Friday, January 11, 2013

"Fleeting Gallop"

"Fleeting Gallop", oil on linen, 24x28 

As part of my new equine series, I have been exploring the abstract concepts of painting, while remaining sensitive to the majestic qualities of this magnificent animal.

The Horse is the perfect sentient creature on which to lavish painterly attention while exploring many of the God-created things on this earth that I love.  It's a tribute to my horseman father and a rekindling of a childhood affinity.

When I sculpt this great and beautiful animal in paint, my paintbrush captures only one expression of its myriad of attitudes.

* * *

Good news for all of you who are taking on new challenges this year!  The great people at Swinton's tell me that there are still spots open in my weekend oil painting workshop,  "Painting the Portrait, from Life and from a Photo".

Feb. 2 & 3, 2013, Swinton's Art Supply & Instruction - to register

Hope you'll join me for this fun-filled (ok, and challenging)  workshop! Beginners (with a little experience) are welcome, too!


  1. Thanks, Carmel! I'll take that as a great compliment coming from you!


  2. I love the abstraction of the background, Bobbi. Nice work!

  3. Thanks, Ingrid! I'm enjoying this contemporary approach!