Sunday, January 6, 2013

Fermenting the New You!

(Probiotic) Lacto-Fermented Veggies

My family and friends know that I am passionate about  good health through healthy eating.  I'd like to share with you one of the best ideas I've come across -  Lacto-Fermented Veggies - which has now become an important part of my family's everyday diet.

If you're bent on restoring or improving your health in 2013, (well, who isn't), you'll find these fermented veggies an inexpensive and healthy addition to boost your nutrition and immune system.. And they're delicious, too.  I'm hooked.

I came across this idea of fermented vegetables, the ancient way of preserving vegetables for the winter,  several months ago and did a little research into the benefits for the purposes of adding a probiotic to my diet.  Many of you are already familiar with probiotics - the essential element to a healthy 'gut' and to our overall health. 

I've provided a link to a wonderful website that I discovered which has a short video on 'how-to' make the Lacto-Fermented Veggies (without whey) and also outlines the multiple benefits to your health that comes in eating them. (see link below)

My own list of health improvements, in a few short months,  include a renewal in energy, I awaken feeling refreshed, a clear head, my skin ailments have disappeared or are disappearing.  Sometimes symptoms are improving that are not even on the radar.  Such as a friend who is preparing and eating the veggies in particular for a skin ailment and found that her hair loss had diminished. I realized mine had, too! People report improvements in food cravings, headaches, and other more serious symptoms which are considered to stem from an unhealthy gut.
 My husband and I spent yesterday morning preparing this beautiful bounty of vegetables, including sauerkraut, which will be ready for us to eat in a week.  It is a wonderful feeling to see these beautiful jars lined up on my counter!  It is so easy!  And, so delicious.

Here is the link to The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen where you'll find a very cool video by a very smart guy  on 'How To Make Lacto Fermented Vegetables without Whey (Plus Video).  

From my kitchen ... to yours :)   Now, back to the studio ....


  1. Those are the most beautiful jars I've ever seen! You're an artist in the kitchen, too. It makes my jumble of veg look pretty random, I must say.

  2. Ha Ha, thanks, Ingrid!

    That's the great thing about these veggies ... as in art, even a random jumble can be beautiful! And tasty!