Friday, September 23, 2011

"Porcelain and Grapes", 6x6 inches, oil on linen on panel

"Porcelain and Grapes", 6x6 inches, oil on linen on panel


When I decided to take on the project of painting dailies again, I was really excited about the prospect of painting each and every vessel and object I've been storing in my studio.  I have collected so many lovely vessels over the years because I wanted to paint them.

This is the second time I've selected this particular little vase, with its lovely blue pattern, to be featured in a painting.  It's becoming apparent, at this rate, it could take me several years to get through the collection in my studio cupboards.

I've painted "Porcelain and Grapes" in one of my favourite complementary colour themes - orange and blue.  I'm sure this diminutive vase will make an appearance again.  I find it irresistable.