Monday, September 3, 2007

'Complementary Tea" - Daily Painting on eBay

Oil on linen mounted panel, 7 1/2 x 10
Click on the image to see it enlarged.
This isn't exactly a new daily painting...OK, in fact, I painted it a few weeks back. But, the photo is new. I know that those hard-core 'daily painters' out there will call this cheating to be posting this painting again, but I couldn't resist doing so. I've just varnished it and it looks wonderful now...again. It's amazing how varnishing, in addition to increasing the longevity of a painting and protecting it, can refresh and put the sparkle back into it. Just like when it's freshly painted and the paint is wet and luscious.

So, that's my reason for posting it again.....that and with all the balls I have in the air these days, with building my new website, managing my blogs, building canvases, taking on a commission and being sick, too, I just really missed seeing one of those little paintings again in the midst of things. After all, I'm an artist !, not a web builder/designer/writer/marketer/business woman extraordinaire!

Hey! Whose big idea was all this anyway?

Let's consider this 'Show and Tell' ..... The 'telling' part is that this painting is back on eBay this week. It's a little bit larger than the usual daily painting format, hence the starting bid is $125US. It is painted on linen mounted on panel which, of course, I've made myself. This painting will compliment any collection. A bid for 'Complementary Tea' can be placed by clicking on the 'Click Here To Bid' button below and you will find other available daily paintings, in my endeavor, in the archives of this site. Please email me at or if you would like further information on purchasing.

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  1. A beautiful painting Bobbi. I love the serenity and colour harmony you have achieved.