Tuesday, September 29, 2015


"Teacup #1", oil on panel, 6x6 inches by Bobbi Dunlop


You are invited to my "Teacup Affair"!

Teacups have always been a favourite subject to paint from life.My fondness for those delicate teacups makes them an easy choice over all the other delightful, paintable objects stashed in my studio.

"Dailies" are small paintings that artists around the globe have incorporated into their daily schedule. 

Called "Daily Painting", it describes a means to complete a little gem over a few days - and nothing gives me more pleasure than to line them up in my studio in their various stages of completion.

Painting "Dailies" affords me the opportunity to offer my paintings to first-time collectors at an attractive price point via an auction format or an outright purchase.

You'll find these small paintings on my "Daily Paintworks" page. When an auction is in progress, a "Bid on this Painting" link and a "Buy Now" Button appear, taking the buyer directly to the online Auction on Daily Paintworks. All transactions are made securely through PayPal.

Enjoy one or collect several for a charming grouping. "Dailies" also make really great gifts for the special people in your life.

Painting "Dailies" allows me to explore many other fond subjects too. I hope that you'll follow along with me ... and perhaps add to your own personal collection.

Sign up to follow along on my personal blog (above right) to receive each painting to your inbox as it's painted. 

In addition, I plan to post Tutorials on Daily Paintworks, where collectors and students will find step-by-step
photos of my work in progress. 

First up on the auction block is the painting above, "Teacup #1" ... I hope you'll follow along!

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