Friday, August 28, 2015


#1) 5x7 Thumbnail - graphite pencil

#2)  6x8 Value Study, oil on panel
#3) 8x10 -  Massing in my concept, oil on panel
#4)  Blocking in colour masses
#5)  Looking for possibilities
#6) Study - 8x10 oil on panel

It's a delight to invite you to  my Fall 2015 Workshops at Calgary School of Art.  It's a pretty exciting line-up ... starting with my series of "Absolute Beginners 101,  Mini-Workshops"continuing with the  more in-depth 2-day-workshops in Figurative and Still-Life.  (see sidebar for dates)

The two-day format of the Figurative and Still-Life workshops allows me to delve even  further into my personal working processes and share this with you, my  student.  Processes are something that I savour, and embrace to the fullest,  in my life and my work.  This is a philosophy that I love to share with my students while making brushstrokes oh-so-joyful!

The photos above are examples of the exercises we'll explore in the 2-day Figurative Workshop where you will design your own studio painting.
( This is not a 'portrait' workshop)
Students (you) will work from a personal photo of the figure in the interior and will explore designing your paintings from an abstract visual idea - looking for possibilities. 

 Come and introduce yourself at the  "Instructor Showcase and Gala" at Calgary School of Art - 
Friday, September 18th, 2015 - 6-9pm,.  where I will be working on 
my studio painting from these studies.

Read more about my workshop and register online here at Calgary School of Art.
Or contact me at for further information.

"Design/Composition: Making a Statement"
(Paint the Figure from a Photo)
Sat & Sun, October 17th & 18th, 10-4pm each day
$220 - email Bobbi for a supply list and inquiries

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