Thursday, October 11, 2007

'Rome Bus Stop - Study'

Oil on linen mounted panel, 7x8

In May, my husband and I went to Germany to visit our oldest daughter who was completing her degree in Reutlingen. After exploring the beauty of this German city for a few days, the three of us travelled to Venice and to Rome. This was my first trip to Europe and as my husband told me it would, it changed my life and my view of the world forever. For one thing, it certainly has made it a lot smaller. Since then, I have had so much time to reflect upon this wonderful experience. I am hoping to paint from my travels and this is perhaps the first painting of many to come.

While hustling through the streets of Rome one morning, dodging umbrellas along the sidewalk, I happened to glance over and catch this little grouping at the bus stop. I couldn't resist it....such a wonderful scene but one filled with the flavor of this historical city.

Since then, my daughter has returned home and now our youngest daughter has set out to explore this wonderful world of ours, in her own way, too. She just celebrated her 19th birthday in Paris and has tasted the culture and history of England, France, Netherlands and today she's in Berlin. How I wish I was with Paris she saw the beautiful works of Monet and Van Gogh, among others, at the Louvre and also at Musee D'Orsey. Wouldn't you know, she made a special trip to see the Rembrandt exhibit at the Louvre, just for me, and that was the day that particular exhibit was closed! Rembrandt is my favorite artist of all and has filled me with inspiration enough to last a life time.

Please email me if you would like to purchase this painting.

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